Riding with a Good Friend, Makes Good Memories.

United States Mountain Biking – Making Memories



United States Mountain Biking – Making Memories
Riding with a good friend is something memories are made of. Sometimes we go out, ride by ourselves just to get it over with. Or we go out in a group of people that we hardly know in hopes of making good memories with good people. However, sometimes all you need is that one person you already know, take the time to enjoy the scenery, have some laughs and make some memories.

Not only is it smart to ride with a buddy for safety reasons, it is also enjoyable to ride with a buddy for good laughs, sharing the scenery and capturing the moment with some photos.

I do not know about you, but life is not getting any longer. At 45 years old, the time on the trail is limited. As the body ages and real thought of retirement enters the picture, so are the limited times to be able to enjoy epic rides, rides that take you places you have never been. It is a sick joke at some level that we get hopped up on life and forget to make appropriate time for ourselves and our own likes. We tend to get get married, have kids, then start a work habit that stands in the way of our physical youthful selves. We are 20 and ride like the wind and soar like an eagle. Large drops, killer air, epic long 30 miles rides, fast downhills with no worries. We get married, have kids and we start to worry about our finances, our health, our safety and the safety of the ones we love.

Don’t let life stand in your way. I start mountain biking about 25 years ago. That might sound like a long time and considering the fact that in another 25 years I fall into the world wide average life expectance of 71 years of age. Yes a person can still be active and enjoy many activities including mountain biking. However, the fact is at 71 it is probably not the wisest to try to ride the same as you did when you were 50 years younger. Not to mention, all the old age issues come into play. Joints, arthritis, along with other physical limiting attributes of getting old.

I am not trying to discourage anyone from riding. In fact, I am trying to point out that you should always make time for great experiences and exercise, long epic rides, and good times.

One great way is to ride with a buddy. I am fortunate enough to be able to ride with someone I have known all my life. We have both noticed that physically we cannot ride the same way we used to. However, we get out there, ride, enjoy the scenery, and create memories. When we are both in wheelchairs, we can both look back and enjoy all the rides we have been on, the stories and experiences we both shared and feel as though we did not let life get in the way of us living it in some way that we wanted.

Matt and Dan at Chino Hills State Park – Raptor Ridge

I am happy to have a few friends to be able to ride with. At 45 years old the time on the trails, epic rides, and physical abilities might be limited. However, the memories are not. Get out there, ride, enjoy the experience and share it with a good buddy. In a blink of an eye you will be at an age that you cannot physically ride the way you used to. I am not going to say “Carpe Diem” or spell it out ” Seize the Day”. Instead I will simply put it like this, “Just Ride!”. Get out there, laugh, live and enjoy every minute before that minute is 25 years. Life is always going to get in the way of truly living.¬†How you dodge it sucking the precious time from you is the challenge.

Challenge accepted.

Get dirty.