Hang Your Bike on the Cheap


Hang Your Bike on the Cheap


United States Mountain Biking Association has found a really great and inexpensive way to hang your bike.

We have found a great way to hang your bike on the wall of your garage.

Items Needed:
Wall Hook
Plasti Dip – Optional

What you need is a hook found here.

This hook will hold up and average bike in our setup.

You will also need what is called a Hangall found here.


Watch this video
This video will show you what we did and how we did it.

We looked long and hard for a solution that would allow us to hang our bike without being a major job and cost a fortune.

Finally we found as solution. What we did not show is the use of a 1×6 and the plastidip to coat the piece of lumber. We mounted the board to the wall vertically, painted it with plastidip, and screwed the wall hook into it. Worked great.

If after you watch the video, you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for viewing and keep on riding.

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