USMTB – Three Simple Upgrades


United States Mountain Biking

Three Simple Upgrades

Handle Bars, Seat, Troy Lee Design Grips

United States Mountain Biking – Three Simple Upgrades

Three simple upgrades to make riding more comfortable.

  1. Replace those old narrow bars with newer wider bars (and if you are me, the stem to fit the diameter of the new bars)
  2. Change seat to something a with a little more cushion.
  3. Change the grips to the latest locking grips

You do not need to break the bank unless you are upgrading to the latest and greatest, lightest weight product. I just went with regular off the shelf items ( though I ordered online ). I purchased what was on sale.

Update after the upgrade: The bars feel great. The grips feel solid, do not slip, and they happen to “grip” exceptionally. The seat made the most difference. It allows me to sit longer and ride longer rides without discomfort.

All and all the upgrade for me was well worth it and the end result was exactly what I wanted. Comfort and safety. Ride longer.

This upgrade did not take long and was not overly expensive.

Troy-Lee-Design Grips – Lock on Grips
WTB Volt Race Saddle – Race Seat
Intense Recon Alloy Handlebars – Intense 740mm Alloy Handlebars

Update: After changing the grips, Seat, and Bars, the rides got longer and felt more in control. They have proved to be a great upgrade.

The Bike: This bike was built from the ground up. It has XTR Rapid-fire, old pad cable brakes, Access frame ( Anyone remember Supergo?), and some other archaic parts made of pure lead. Okay not really, the bike is actually light in weight. Though it does not have disk brakes, or full suspension, yes a hard tail (the bike is almost 20 years old, full suspension would have cost a thousand million dollars as I would have had to fabricated the frame and components myself).

It is a fine bike for XC on fire roads, light downhill, and technical trails. A great conditioning bike that has held up for many hundreds of miles.

Soon to come. Turner RFX 4.0? Santa Cruz Bronson 2.0? IBIS HD3 Special Blended? Ellsworth Epiphany? Intense Carbine, Spider, or Tracer 275c? New bike in the horizon.

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